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# Wednesday, 03 June 2009

Ok – during these more challenging times (who doesn’t love trying to get that Suduko puzzle of life out).

Breeze went into bat for you – my passion and first love (or should I second love – my wife could read this) – the Student!!

Microsoft and Breeze Partner to bring you

Microsoft and Breeze are bringing you this special SharePoint Training offer during June & July only. This is part of a campaign to help businesses use their existing Microsoft technologies to gain business efficiencies during these economic times.

Being better connected internally as well as externally can save businesses’ time and money. I will show you how Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 can help you achieve just that as SharePoint 2007 has some features we think you shouldn’t live without!

I will focus on delivering a ‘real world’ experience as well as having a strong training component. The things I instruct on have to work for me in the field as well!

This four day, intense workshop is designed for IT Professionals and Developers needing effective skills transfer for the new products and technologies delivered with Microsoft Office 2007.

You will have the opportunity for 'hands-on' experience to Develop, Customise and Integrate solutions on the Office 2007 Platform as well as gain experience from the field.

This course has been heavily subsidised by Microsoft at a cost of $1300 ex GST (RRP $2480 ex GST) and is filling up quickly. For more information and registration go here:

-----end the blurb -----

Note – Microsoft Partners can use their Readiness training $$ towards this course.

Chances are you’ve got the technology, got the MOSS environment and now needed to extend and explore.

What a great deal…I’ve still kept my first born ;)

See you there…


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# Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Hi folks,

Much more of the BTS09 material (documentation etc) is starting to appear in the masses from MS.

Grab it Here and there are a bunch of others you’ll love to get also.

BizTalk 2009 Posters

p.s. I’ve also added all the Install Guides and all the PDF posters within the ‘CSD Bits’ Mesh Folder.



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Thomas a fellow MVP has written a great write up on his thoughts and views on WF 4.0 (in it’s current form).

Found in the .NET 4.0 Framework Beta – check it out.



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# Tuesday, 19 May 2009

My good friend Chris Vidotto a once fearsome BTS warrior came up with the good oil on this.

The BPA tool now supports bts09, sql08 and win08 in one update, as well as all the previous environments.

The tool will go through and examine your environment in accordance to a predefined set of rules (shipped with BPA) and report back accordingly.

Grab it now… from HERE


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Hi folks – from a previous post where I fudged a DLP-RFID1 x64 driver, I’ve now tracked down ‘proper’ 64 bit version of the DLP-RFID1 Reader.

Here it is here -

1. From this page download the CDM 2.04.16.exe which does the trick.

2. Double click on the above EXE to install the drivers (the EXE will detect your OS is x64) – the driver is then installed on the machine, but not auto assigned to your RFID1 device.

3. From Device Manager, right click on the DLP RFID1 Reader and select ‘Update Driver’, select ‘Browse on My Machine’ and ‘Select from a List’ (near where you say ‘have disk’).

4. From the Manufacturer list select ‘FTDI’ and select the very top Driver on the RHS (USB Serial Converter)

5. Unplug and replug your RFID1 Device – and viola! all good.

6. Run this Test app RFID1Demo.exe to make sure all is good from 

NOTE: On my machine I still have an unknown Serial device in Device Manager, but all works none the less.


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# Monday, 18 May 2009

First time I’ve got this error… Wonder why 30 secs is the key.

I think I might put the 30 second retry on my application exceptions :)


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# Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hi folks, as promised (a little late – had to man a stand at CeBit) here are the slides to yesterday’s session.

Thanks for all that attended and helping to make it a great class.

Off to do the same thing in Melbourne…and Build Rome.

Here’s the Slides and Demos Download (all files are Zipped)


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# Saturday, 09 May 2009

Well after a few hardware failures at work and many hours rebuilding servers that are *supposed* to have RAID 5 on them, I’m back online.
(They had RAID enabled at the BIOS level, and there’s a BIOS boot based tool that let’s you create/delete stripes etc. BUT you need to use the ‘Windows’ version of their tool to ‘REPAIR’ the volume. Now if you can’t boot to an O/S….here in lies my problem… I want to plug the new drive in and ‘boom’ rebuild done… but no!)

I wanted to share a tip which came out of all of this – Creating a Windows 7 Boot WinPE USB Key.
You know the 20 odd things you have lying around and are wondering what you could do with 1GB, 512MB etc keys.

You can make a boot disk out of them…cool… (provided your machine supports booting from USB, unlike my mac_mini at home running Windows 7 :)
You could make an x86 boot and on another create a x64 AND you can still store your data.

It’s not too tough really – couple of things you need upfront

  1. USB Key, drive or whatever
  2. Windows Application Installation Kit for Windows 7 RC (WAIK) – free download with the WinPE ‘image’ in it and all the tools (a WIM file)
  3. Some of your favourite recovery tools to add to your usb key

Ok good to go.

Let’s start

  1. Install the WAIK on your local machine – it installs folders for x86, amd64 and i64…cool
  2. From the Start Menu->All Programs->Microsoft Windows AIK->Deployment Tools Command Prompt
  3. Execute the command copype x86 c:\PEBuild (replace x86 for amd64 if you want 64bit. This will create the directory c:\PEBuild and copy the required files to get started.
  4. You’ll notice now that you should be in the C:\PEBuild folder – this is our ‘working space’ and there will be a couple of sub-directories here.
  5. Let’s mount the Image so we can manipulate files, and then later save them back into the Image for deployment, as follows:
    1. run the command imagex /mountrw winpe.wim 1 mount (this will mount the vanilla winpe.wim and create a ‘mount’ directory for us to use)

      - this didn’t work for me on 2 machines that I tried as follows (I was pretty happy)

      if this works for you – then great, it’s meant to. :-) (there maybe open files etc)

      Fortunately I had a PLAN B that works regardless (alot of the documentation use ImageX)

      Issue the command from the C:\PEBuild dir:
      dism /mount-wim /wimfile:winpe.wim /index:1 /mountdir:c:\PEBuild\Mount
    2. Go to the Mount Directory to see several folders – if you used my PlanB approach you can store the files in Program files if you like, or wherever. If you need access to the Startup folder it’s hidden in the same dir as Program Files.

      Copy your Win32/64 tools and utilities here to the mount dir (once fully booted up with WinPE, you will be in a RamDisk with the drive letter of X: – good idea to always use environment vars to get special folders if you need to)

      You can add other support like scripting, powershell etc – check out the packages
    3. Once done – commit the changes to the WinPE.wim with the command
      1. ImageX Cmd: imagex /unmount /commit /c:\pebuild\mount
      2. dism Cmd: dism /unmount-wim /moundir:c:\pebuild\mount /commit

    4. Almost done :)
    5. Copy the now *modified* WinPe.Wim image file to the correct directory (and we rename) so it runs smoothly in the boot sequence. Run copy /y winpe.wim iso/sources/boot.wim
    6. (optional step) To create an ISO of your work, issue the following command:
      ocsdimg –n –b”c:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\boot\” c:\PEBuild\ISO c:\PEBuild\WinPE.iso
    7. Next let’s add our good work to our USB key and we’re done (WE WILL ERASE YOUR KEY – back it up if needed. you can copy your stuff back on when we’ve finished)
      1. Plug your USB key in and we’re going to ntfs format it, create an active primary partition and assign a drive letter to it.
      2. From your command prompt use diskpart as follows:
        1. c:\PEBuild\diskpart
        2. list disk (you should see your USB drive come up in the list – this is the drive # to work with e.g. 1)
        3. sel disk 1 (double check from the previous command on what disk number your USB is on – mine is 1)
        4. clean
        5. create part primary
        6. sel part 1
        7. format fs=NTFS QUICK
        8. assign
        9. exit
        10. viola! your usb is now prepared.
    8. We need to do 2 final steps – copy everything within the ISO directory straight to your USB key. e.g. c:\PEBuild\ISO (from Explorer you’ll be able to get to your USB Key easily through the SendTo right mouse menu)

      Take note of your USB Key’s DRIVE letter
    9. Write the ‘bootsector’ as follows:
      1. c:\program files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\x86\bootsect /nt60 <drive letter of your USB Key>

Hopefully I’ve saved you some time and pain….. happy booting….

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# Thursday, 07 May 2009

Great news folks with the Adapter pack now released.

This is a WCF .NET based set of ‘adapters’ that can be used within BizTalk or in any .NET process – such as SharePoint.
(The visual studio extensions allows you to rapidly create a WCF based Service to host your adapters)

The Adapter pack has:
- SQL Adapter (faster, newer, improved… bionic adapter)
- Siebel
- Oracle DB
- Oracle ES

Here’s the links that you’ll need…… – enjoy!





WCF LOB Adapter SDK SP2(pre-req for BAP 2.0)

Adapter Pack 2.0 120 day Evaluation Version

120 day eval

SQL Adapter SKU Download(For BizTalk branch edition customers)

Documentation and Samples


MSDN Location of Adapter Pack 2.0 docs

Download location for individual CHMs in Adapter Pack 2.0

Download location for Adapter Pack 2.0 Installation Guide

Download location for SQL Adapter Installation Guide and CHM

Download location for all the samples for Adapter Pack 2.0

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# Monday, 04 May 2009

More Variation support, more standard document support, more bug fixes and an upgrade checker (to make sure you can apply SP2)

Should keep those sites happier for longer…

Details from

Service Pack 2 for the 2007 Microsoft Office system available today!

We're pleased to announce the release of all languages for Service Pack 2 for the 2007 Microsoft Office System, the 2007 Microsoft Office servers, and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. As promised, this post contains a list of the products that are patched by SP2 with their corresponding knowledge base articles, information on how to obtain the packages, and links to additional SP2 resources. We hope you'll find this to be one of the best service packs produced by the Office team ever!

How to obtain SP2

Recommended Method: Microsoft Update

We recommend using Microsoft Update to apply SP2. Microsoft Update's detection will determine the products and languages you have installed and update your machine all at once.

Optional Method: The Download Center

If you choose not to use Microsoft Update, the SP2 packages are available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. Please click here to find links to the downloads.

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# Friday, 01 May 2009

Down at BizTalk 24*7 Saravana Kumar has been working hard to organise a whole collection of BizTalk articles from us in Cyberspace

He's done a great job!

Check it out -
and yours truly is here - Mick Badran

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# Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Some great articles around Business Rules, AS2, EDI, Pipeline Components and promoting properties…..

Download your copy now

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