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# Sunday, 01 June 2008

I was cracking into getting my machine setup for a Silverlight project that I'm working on and came up with the above error.

Now....I admit....running x64 Windows 2008 on my Fijitsu Laptop mighten be the best combination given the huge support for my laptop drivers that I have.

I installed all the new(er) Silverlight 2.0 Beta bits from (VS2008 Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 Bits) and opened up my VS2008 seeing all the new Silverlight project types - cool! (I thought)

Each time I either created or opened an existing project - boom! up came the error.

So I figured the installation didn't complete properly.........after running/re-running/uninstalling/installing countless times the error was still there!!!!

My one solace and saving grace was running the following command line:

devenv /setup

......"I'm on my way, on my way to happiness today.....ah huh ah huh ah huh"........


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# Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Hi folks, love to see you there

Check the details out at -

Also one of the things we've been working on in the last month is a Private BizTalk User Group mailing list

This mailing list is 'invite only' and is intended to enhance learning within the community, as well as an avenue to get bts (&related) problems solved - delivered straight to your inbox.

There are currently Brisbane & Sydney User Group members on board (more groups to come shortly)

How to get on:
- an invite was sent to your email address registered on Through the invite you'll be able to join (you *don't need* a yahoo acct)
- if you misplaced the invite, or want to get on the list - post a comment to this blog entry and I'll send an invite out to you.

Take care,


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# Thursday, 22 May 2008


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Back in V2.0 we had a Web Service that did this sort of stuff for us, now in V3.0 it's delivered straight from the Object Model.


  1. We create a batch of XML which could have 'adds, updates + deletes' in there.
  2. We call the web.ProcessBatchData(xml) method, handing to it our wishes.

This technique is fast, and CAML based :(

So if you need to add 100 items to the list - this would be a way to do it. (I've got to check whether this technique fires event handlers on the lists or whether it's a 'back door' thing)

Note: in the snippet below, the fields are referenced via their namespace#<name>
- you can get the field's details by saving your list 'As a template', downloading the *.stp file, renaming to *, opening it and looking into the *.xml file there.

- you could also call the lists.asmx webservice (..\_vti_bin\lists.asmx) and calling the GetListCollection(); method to see a chunk of describing XML.

   1:  "<ows:Batch OnError=\"Return\">" +
   2:              "<Method ID=\"A1\"><SetList>" + myGuid + "</SetList>" +
   3:                  "<SetVar Name=\"ID\">New</SetVar>" +
   4:                  "<SetVar Name=\"Cmd\">Save</SetVar>" +
   5:                  "<SetVar Name=" +
   6:                      "\"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office#Title\">" +
   7:                      "New Manager</SetVar>" +
   8:                  "<SetVar Name=" +
   9:                      "\"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office#Body\">" +
  10:                      "Congratulations to Mary for her promotion!</SetVar>" +
  11:                  "<SetVar Name=" +
  12:                      "\"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office#Expires\">" +
  13:                      "2003-09-14T00:00:00Z</SetVar>" + 
  14:              "</Method>" 

Here's a small MSDN article on it -



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# Wednesday, 21 May 2008

There's a couple of great MSDN articles around performance tuning and high availability.

Very nice - don't leave home without them :)

1. BizTalk RFID: Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning

Performance Metrics

Number of devices Administrative operation Response time - single processor
(in seconds)
Response time - dual processor
(in seconds)































2. BizTalk RFID: Clustering BizTalk RFID for High Availability

Wednesday, 21 May 2008 22:48:47 (AUS Eastern Standard Time, UTC+10:00)  #    Comments [0] -
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(it even includes MOSS 2007 BI Dashboards)

This is one of the best BAM posters I have seen to date. As part of your Bat-Utility belt this is a must.

You could even print it out and stick it on the wall in the never know....that raise should come sooner rather than later :)

Download the poster from HERE

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# Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Clayton sent through a great picture that explains what the main placeholders are on SharePoint Master Pages.

Well done CJ - thanks!


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# Tuesday, 06 May 2008

Hi folks,

While freezing in NZ (this week) I came across this this great MSDN article discussing some of the lower level implementation details around .NET 3.5 Framework.

The part that interests me is the Presence information (right at the end of the article) where once a connection is setup, you can get presence information about the other party - right from the .NET 3.5 framework.

If you've ever had to try and develop for that other ways i.e. by talking straight to communicator, or messenger or... etc.

You'll realise that they each have a slightly different API set, (some accept SIP, some don't, some require it, some don't...) and it's opening up trouble - cause on the target deployment machine...can you imagine the production guys when you say "hang on, I've just got to go and download Messenger (from Live)...."

Anyway - here's the article.

Enjoy -

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# Sunday, 04 May 2008

It's a page that's hidden away and difficult to land on from a I thought I'd list it here for us all

LifeBook T4215
Windows Vista 64bit Drivers
Driver Name Readme file Version Size(bytes)
   Audio   V. 5,352,330
   ACPI Device Driver (FUJ02B1)   V.1.23 11,655
   ACPI Device Driver (FUJ02E3)   V.1.20 11,434
   AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor Driver (For model with Fingerprint sensor)   V. 206,889
   Bluetooth Device Driver (For model with Bluetooth module)   V.5.00.07 29,491,323
   Fujitsu Tablet Button Driver and Utility Device Driver     654,550
   Intel Matrix Storage Manager Device Driver   V. 252,448
   LAN   V. 164,250
   Modem   V.2.1.77 935,338
   SMSC Fast Infrared Device Driver   V.6.0.40001 55,209
   O2Mirco MultiMedia Devicd Driver   V.1.0.0A 2,236,416
   O2Micro SmartCard Device Driver   V. 1,958,494
   TouchPad Mouse   V. 6,710,882
   Video   V. 10,535,384
   Wireless LAN for model with Intel 3945ABG module   V. 3,701,179

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After much trialling and not much success.....Skype would install on my Windows Server 2008 x64 no problems, but at the sign-in screen the app would crash.

This happened in many different ways over many different Skype install permutations.

I think I've cracked it with an older version being the goods:



Sunday, 04 May 2008 23:23:27 (AUS Eastern Standard Time, UTC+10:00)  #    Comments [0] -
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# Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Hey folks - while flying through different timezones and working away on my VPCs I came across the problem below.
Basically no further work could be done on the Application within the BizTalk Admin Console.
Couldn't stop/start, undeploy...delete etc. 

The only thing I had done was to adjust my time to reflect local time....which as I found out causes the problem.

I adjusted my clock back to Sydney time and we're good to go!!!

Trap for young players......

Function: SetConfigInfo
Tracking ID: df1dd0b0-c9d5-4012-bb97-336aa8df78b3
Client Computer: (mmc.exe:1884)
Client User: BTS06-PLATFORM\Administrator
Application Name: {D2241406-0767-4C13-98EB-43EECE80F8A0}
Error Code: 0xC0002A40, The external credentials in the SSO database are more recent.

UPDATE: Running this script against your SSODB cures this problem.
update SSODB..SSOX_ExternalCredentials set ec_timestamp = dateadd(m,-1,ec_timestamp) where datediff(hh,ec_timestamp,getdate())<>0

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 14:45:23 (AUS Eastern Standard Time, UTC+10:00)  #    Comments [1] -
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# Saturday, 26 April 2008

We've now got official Management Pack support for R2 and the newer things in R2 such as EDI and RFID.

I've had many students come up to me and say "Mick - what in the world are you talking about?"
(mind you I get that at home as well - but let's not go there)

Have you ever asked the question:
I wonder how our BizTalk (et. al.) servers are going?
(this is where you could send the work experience kid around to all the servers gathering details and report back to you by lunch.....but not all of us have work experience kids)

The answer to this is relatively complex - as you'll need know things like:

  1. Services - stopped, started, uptime. BizTalk Services, SQL Services, WCF/IIS Services etc.
  2. Database sizes, Spool table lengths
  3. Queue Lengths - disk etc.
  4. Memory details
  5. BizTalk Orchestration details
  6. Messaging Details
  7. .... and the list goes on.

SCOM2007 with the management pack gives you that - in near enough realtime with all sorts of graphs and charts.

One of the *best* things I like about SCOM2007 is that you install the Management Pack(s) only on *one* machine - usually the SCOM2007 Central Administration machine, and as more applications are installed on servers on the network, the appropriate management bits are 'auto-deployed'.

Grab it here -;displaylang=en&displaylang=en

Saturday, 26 April 2008 22:59:16 (AUS Eastern Standard Time, UTC+10:00)  #    Comments [0] -
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# Friday, 25 April 2008

I've got a RFID project in the pipeline and I'm doing a 'little playing' at this point - seeing how far I can go through the APIs given this certain Reader and BizTalk RFID Client APIs. (I'm home and hosed on the BizTalk RFID APIs, but the questions are more around the particular Provider AND what the device can/can't do)

So I decided to venture a little further...........

Fired up a VPC and seeing this Reader is a USB connected device, (and as we know that VPC/Virtual Server/Hyper-V 2008 does not share USB ports!!! After a little pain I found a 3rd party software piece that did the job!) had to share it from another physical host where the Reader is plugged into.

After a little playing with Provider/Device Settings within BizTalk RFID Manager - away we go.

I decided to cut some code and do a GetDeviceCapabilities(...) sort of call.

Check this out!!!!!

Line 25 - was my call on the Open Connection.

** I decided to run the code in debug mode and entered the same command in the Intermediate Window

This was the part that took the's got a whole collection of ENGLISH TEXT as to what the device does!

If you're like many of these things fall down to byte structures with certain bits here and there indicating different capabilities.

HOW GOOD IS THIS!!!! Well done to the RFID's great to have APIs that make sense.... :) (mostly smile_eyeroll)


Friday, 25 April 2008 21:03:03 (AUS Eastern Standard Time, UTC+10:00)  #    Comments [0] -
BizTalk | RFID

I came across this Microsoft Page while on my travels which lets you browse for your VHD by product!!!!!

e.g. SQL 2008, BizTalk, SharePoint, VS2008 etc etc. Grab the VHD for your needs.

They are public domain VHDs so I'm guessing they're 'limited' in some way (probably time) - which means don't go building your VOIP/RFID Corporation on them :)

Have fun!

Friday, 25 April 2008 19:13:53 (AUS Eastern Standard Time, UTC+10:00)  #    Comments [0] -
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