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# Thursday, 31 May 2012

Can you imagine developing Apps on your WP7 phone? I couldn’t even begin to contemplate anything of the sort until I saw Touch Develop!!




TouchDevelop is a novel software development environment that lets users write programs for Windows Phone directly on the smartphone, no PC required. TouchDevelop can be used in the classroom to teach programming concepts, and TouchDevelop is also ideal for classes on Mobile Computing, as it cuts the time required to write apps.

University phone loan program

To help students gain access to this revolutionary new programming language and environment, we have set up a loan program, from which you can get Windows Phones for a semester. Please send a short proposal to Give the name of the instructor, the class website, the number of students, and how the phones will be used.


Visit TouchDevelop teaching page at Microsoft Research for a list of how TouchDevelop has been used and is being used in classrooms.

resources for educators
  • book - currently available for free online; systematic introduction to all basic concepts
  • slides - many slides decks going through all aspects of mobile app development with TouchDevelop
  • learn - more documents, videos
in the classroom

Teachers and students should work with actual Windows Phones devices in the classroom — the TouchDevelop user interface was designed around the idea of only using a touchscreen to write code and performing gestures to navigate; using TouchDevelop on an emulator doesn't provide the intended experience. When teaching in the classroom, you can use a webcam or desktop visualizers to project the image of the phone on a big screen. As a teacher, consider subscribing to your students to see what they are publishing and if they are asking questions

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# Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Now there’s hope, there’s an answer and a way out.

I’ve been fried, engulfed, pea shot and corn fodder with the darkness creeping up all around me.

Whether I’m lounging by the pool, or staring into thick fog with the occasional trip to the roof….

…the answer is here….

The addicts guide to PvZ!!

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# Sunday, 10 July 2011


Finally cracked it!!! ohh how long has this been bugging me.

Basically when I connected my wp7 omnia 7 phone old Zune would complain with

Can't connect to your phone. Disconnect it, restart it, then try connecting again.

I tried a whole series of options from download new wp7 drivers, changing usb ports, trying everything.

An interesting piece was that my Windows 7 PC detected the device, it was just Zune complaining.

After checking the EventLogs, I noticed crypto errors everytime I connected my phone.

The Fix:

1. Close Zune

2. Go into Certificate manager and delete the ‘Zune-tuner’ (named) certificate(s).

3. Re-Open Zune

4. Connect phone.


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