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# Monday, 25 November 2013

Just home from a great week that was in relation to Microsoft’s Integration strategy for both on-prem and cloud solutions.

The first part of the week was the MVP Summit and it’s always great to catch up with the fellow crew and solve the world’s problems over a beer or two. Very positive things came from that….a headache :)

By the time the summit was on, there were brain’s buzzing with activity.

The Summit

The first day of the 2 day summit was spent by the Product groups presenting on what’s new, the roadmap, the vision and how the new world hangs together.

A major component to come out of this was BizTalk Services.

An Azure service that guarantees a certain performance level as well as being able to design tranformations, EDI, EAI all at the end of a RESTful endpoint.


Development, Compiling and Deployment is all done out of a new Visual Studio 2012 Project Template.

The Azure BizTalk Services environment is guaranteed in ‘BizTalk Units’ – the BizTalk team have done well to build a flexible feature on the Azure Fabric.

Currently there’s a range of Receive/Endpoints and ‘Destinations’ (Send Ports) that the platform supports – watch this space as more will be added no doubt.


Later in the summit we also learnt that the XBOX One Team uses BizTalk Services to process orders (& others) across the world.

BizTalk Services Performance for the XBOX One team.

WP_20131122_018 (1)


Some great numbers going through BizTalk Server for a US Healthcare provider.

 BizTalk Services Throughput 

With the Impack alliance hard at work as always showing our capabilities thanks to Matricis, Breeze and Codit



The favourite US pastime that I was fortunate enough to go to thanks to Kent Weare whom organised a troop of us.


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