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# Tuesday, 26 March 2013
With the launch of BizTalk 2013 coming to a city near you from next month, Breeze is across all the new features and has the expertise to get it done right - the first time.
(Watch this space - we will be announcing the launch 'party' shortly)

This is the 8th release of BizTalk and Breeze has been there as a TAP partner, early adopter etc. for ALL 8 releases (even before BizTalk...but that scares even me). We've provided feedback and suggestions on the current release and Breeze has the ability to contact the Product team and raise an issue should the need arise.

BizTalk 2013 is also targeted for the cloud and will be offered as Platform as a Service(PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), so keep an eye out in the Azure image galleries for this.

I'm pleased to announce that our current set of products have been updated and tested to work with BizTalk 2013 environments, such as:
- Breeze Monitor - centralised monitoring based dashboard that gives you comfort at night knowing your solutions are being looked after.
- Breeze Integration Framework - integration should be easy, this does exactly that. We have put many new capabilities and items here for the BizTalk 2013 version.

For the on-premises BizTalk Server 2013 release, the following themes are important:
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Ability to run existing BizTalk applications in the cloud (IaaS)
  • Improved Performance
  • Simplified Development and Management Experience
  • Support for the latest platform and standards

In terms of features, this translates to

  • Integration with Cloud Services- BizTalk Server 2013 includes new out-of-the box adapters to send and receive messages from Windows Azure Service Bus, making it easy to build hybrid solutions. It also provides capabilities to host BizTalk endpoints in Azure through the Service Bus Relay providing a simple and secure way to connect external partners and application to BizTalk Server on premises.
  • RESTful services- BizTalk Server 2013 provides adapters to invoke REST endpoints as well as expose BizTalk Server artifacts as a RESTful service.
  • Enhanced SharePoint adapter- Integrating with SharePoint using BizTalk Server 2013 is now as simple as integrating with a file share.
  • SFTP adapter-Enables sending and receiving messages from an SFTP server.
  • Other enhancements: The ESB capabilities previously introduced in the ESB Toolkit are now fully integrated with BizTalk Server, Dependency tracking,Improvements in dynamic send ports, XslCompiledTransform, more support for protocol updates (X12, EDIFACT, HL7)

There is also a change in the licensing approach, where BizTalk is now moving to a per-core licensing model.  If you need more information on this, drop us a line.

Happy BizTalking.. :)

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